Beyond - the Album - NEW from Judy's Music
Beyond - The Album
When you hear the word "Beyond", what does it make you think of? Looking out over the hills to a sunset? Staring into a swirling sea of complex currents? Depths of emotions that exceed the every-day? Perhaps a life and a love that is pushed to the utter limits beyond what we ourselves thought was possible? Beyond - Judy
This album is all of these and more. Touching the highs and lows of her own experiences Judy paints a picture in music. The sweeping brush strokes of instrumentals like "Riverflow" contrast with intimate portraits in songs like "Silence". This is music rooted in reality, not afraid to tell the truth about the good and the bad that we face in life, but above all, this music is filled with hope. Hope that somewhere, somehow, in the midst of all the rubbish and the routine, it is possible to love and be loved.… Possible to reach the limits of who we are, and to go beyond….

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Prepare to go BEYOND.....