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When Darkness Falls- Judy

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Judy’s instrumental album ‘Breathing Space’ is a captivating gentle breeze in the whirlwind of life. Featuring Celtic harp, Shaw whistles, fiddle, piano and guitars this CD is a beautiful blend of ancient and modern, bringing old hymns and folk melodies to life with new and unique arrangements. The traditional Celtic instruments blend together in a haunting and lyrical soundscape. Music for meditation, relaxation or just for pure enjoyment.

Customer reviews of 'Breathing Space', the album:
'Judy’s interpretations make the old hymns live again; that same spirituality which marked them out so many years ago is still very much here.'

'From the plaintive violin on the beach in "Lead Kindly Light" to the haunting whistle in "Breathe on my Breath of God", this is indeed an album to give breathing space in the chaos and hustle of the world in which we live.'

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