SHADES of LIGHT Review - Thornbury Magazine (July 2003)
"Don't give up though the road is rocky
Don't give up though the pace is slow
Don't look down at the empty cavern
Stretching below.
Don't rely on your own resources
Don't believe in the doubts you hear
For there beside you is strength from heaven,
Drawing you near."

If you think that the above verse should be set to music, because it looks like the words of a song, not just a poem, you are right. In fact, as I write this I am listening to the CD entitiled "SHADES of LIGHT", of which this is the first verse of the first track. If ever words are truly wedded to the music, this is it - jaunty, cheery, uplifting - such an excellent accompanyment to the theme "Don't give up..."

In this collection of songs there is a wide variety of moods and styles within the writing of the words and the composition of the music, and one would be proud to be able to claim the skill to write either. When one learns that not only has one young woman written both words and music, but that she is the singer (sometimes recorded so that she sings in harmony with herself), and that she plays all the instruments too! As if that were not acheivement enough, Judy has done all the recording herself.

Judy's innate musical skills have come to the fore in recent years. The sleeve notes on the CD "SHADES of LIGHT" contain not only all the words of the 10 songs Judy has written, and the titles of the 4 instrumental pieces but this too: "Instruments used on this CD inculde - vocals, violin, Shaw and Clarke whistles, concertina, melodeon, accordion, keyboard, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, bodhran, tambourine. All instruments played and recorded by Judy". So accomplished is the playing and singing, and so skillful the recording, that on hearing the songs or the instrumental pieces, one is convinced that a group of at least five or six musicians are playing.

The quality of Judy's musicianship and writing is or a high order - just a brief time listening to her CD "SHADES of LIGHT" is convincing of that. To meet Judy and hear her speak of her deep Christian faith and to read in her poetry how she views life is to encounter a very special your woman.

Ken Harris, July 2003 - a Celtic Music Experience