SHADES of LIGHT Review - Celtic Christian Tunes (2002)

We have a fresh new voice and talent in Celtic Christian music. Her name is Judy Cockwell, she's from the UK and her CD is called "Shades of Light". Judy is multitalented in that she has written, produced and performed all vocals and instruments on her debut.

One of the things that makes "Shades of Light" a pleasure to listen to is that it's what I call totally home grown. She performed, produced and burned this delightful CD from her home studio. Being home burned does not affect the sound of the music. The label may cause problems for front loading players, but shouldn't deter one from adding it to their collection. As a musician myself, I find it inspiring to see the quality she was able to bring forth without a professional studio.

"Shades of Light" contains fourteen tracks with four being instrumental. The instrumental "By the River Sazava" has a feeling of being at a "Hebrew" Ceili--a nice blend of the two cultures. Another of the instrumentals, "One Day Sometime", is a little reminiscent of Enya's "Shepherd Moons".

For her first CD, she shows great promise. But what really stands out for me are the thoughtful lyrics--how they point to Christ and that He is always there for us. Judy Cockwell has brought words and music that remind us that Jesus is never far from us. He knows our hearts, feels what we feel and is always there for you and me.

-- Caren Baird, Celtic Christian Tunes -- - a Celtic Music Experience