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OHP Masters - the full version (235KB)
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Song Music Lyrics Song Music Lyrics
1. Holy (141KB) Holy-Music Holy-OHP 7. Risen! (177KB) Risen-Music Risen-OHP
2. Worship (266KB) Worship-Music Worship-OHP 8. Come (82KB) Come-Music Come-OHP
3. Faithful God (135KB) Faithful God-Music Faithful God-OHP 9. More of You (213KB) More-Music More of You-OHP
4. Simply to Worship (169KB) Simply-Music Simply-OHP 10. Jesus (137KB) Jesus-Music Jesus-OHP
5. Just as I am (191KB) Just as I am-Music Just as I am-OHP 11. River (290KB) River-Music River-OHP
6. Lord have Mercy (254KB) Lord have Mercy-Music Lord have Mercy-OHP 12. Rising Up (266KB) Rising Up-Music Rising Up-OHP
13. Come Lord (135KB) Come Lord-Music Come Lord-OHP

COPYRIGHT- The Small Print
By downloading and using the files listed above, you are agreeing to abide by the copyright restrictions outlined below. Please respect the copyright of the composer. e-mail Judy for more details.

All Songs ©2003 Judy Cockwell. The songs contained here may be used without restriction for Christian worship in small or large groups and Church congregations. If they are performed to a paying audience, permission must be sought from Judy. Depending on the circumstances of the performance a small charge may be negotiated for the public performance of these songs to a paying audience. The above conditions of use also apply to the recorded material.

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