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Review on Celtic Christian Tunes (2003)

Worship: Seeking the Heart of the Father, 2003

Judy Cockwell has a real winner with her new CD, Worship: Seeking the Heart of the Father. This impressive CD is a contemplative, reflective, and deep worship volume. It is a true worship CD in every sense, and is almost haunting in its heart-cry mix of Celtic music and modern worship.

"Faithful God" is a song that has awesome lyrics and is the most Celtic of all the worship songs here. "Lord Have Mercy" and "Come Lord" are intercessory cries of the heart for the cities and nations of the Earth. They will leave you praying for others and for a worldwide move of God:

Come fill our lives
Full of Your presence,
Lord we are seeking

After Your heart.
Just like a deer
That's panting for water
Lord we are thirsty
For you now

The most upbeat song on the CD is "Risen!" and is a praise song done in true Celtic flavor and flow. "Come" is very well done lyrically and musically with a near perfect balance between modern worship and Celtic sound. We were especially blessed by "River" and "More of You" as well, as Judy leads the listener in a plea for intimacy with the Lord. "Rising Up" has great percussion work and a catchy tune, which will stay with the listener for some time afterward.

Overall, I recommend this CD for those times one wants deep worship and intimacy. These songs would be great for background music in the car or home, but the highest compliment we can give Judy is that when we listened to these songs, God's presence was evident. This is an enhanced CD that features lyrics, scores, and overheads which may be used as tools to help use this music in corporate worship, and Judy gives purchasers the right to play the songs without restriction for worship in groups and congregations.

Jeff Tyler of Night Watch Ministries for CelticChristianTunes.com

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