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review of worship CD "Judy Cockwell has a real winner with her new CD, Worship: Seeking the Heart of the Father. This impressive CD is a contemplative, reflective, and deep worship volume. It is a true worship CD in every sense, and is almost haunting in its heart-cry mix of Celtic music and modern worship." read more.....
(Celtic Christian Tunes 2003)
"So accomplished is the playing and singing, and so skillful the recording, that on hearing the songs or the instrumental pieces, one is convinced that a group of at least five or six musicians are playing.....the quality of Judy's musicianship and writing is of a high order" (Thornbury Magazine, July 2003)

"For her first CD, she shows great promise. But what really stands out for me are the thoughtful lyrics - how they point to Christ and that He is always there for us. Judy has brought words and music that remind us that Jesus is never far from us. He knows our hearts, feels what we feel, and is always there for you and me." (Celtic Christian Tunes, 2002)
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